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Supersize Your Cheaper

Size Matters

When a bunch of you are heading out together it makes economical and environmental sense to share a ride. Now, some people like to insist that size isn't everything, but for a large group to share a ride they're going to need a large car.

Cheaper's XXL Fleet

The Cheaper fleet has over 160 XL and XXL cars, that's vehicles with 6, 7 and 8-seats, handy for when a group of friends are heading out to the club together, or for a family going to the airport.

Up-Sizing Cheaper Is Easy

Choosing an XL or XXL car in the Cheaper app takes just two taps.

1. Tap one on the Any Vehicle tab at the top of the map:

2. Tap two to select your vehicle type:

And remember Cheaper's Via feature comes in particularly handy when large groups are sharing a ride, particularly if you're not all going to, or getting picked up from, the same location (read more on our Via feature here).

So next time a group of you are travelling together, remember that a super-sized Cheaper is just two taps away.

Download Cheaper for iPhone here or for Android here.

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