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Our Friends Electric

Car travel has become much kinder to the environment with the arrival of fully electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Thanks to the electric components of their engines, Hybrid cars have much higher rates of fuel efficiency, and therefore emit less carbon, than standard vehicles. Fully electric vehicles are classed as zero-emissions because their engines burn no petrol or diesel at all.

Cheaper's ECO Fleet

With most taxi companies you can't pick and choose the kind of car you get. At Cheaper we like to do things differently, and that's why we let our customers choose how they ride. That flexibility means riders can select an ECO vehicle, so only an electric or hybrid-electric car will come to pick you up.

Going Greener Is Easy

Choosing an ECO car in the Cheaper app takes just two taps.

1. Tap one on the Any Vehicle tab at the top of the map:

2. Tap two to select ECO from the list of vehicle types:

Next time a group of you're booking a Cheaper, remember that the eco option is just two taps away.

Download Cheaper for iPhone here or for Android here.

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