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Ride Cheaper From A to D Via B & C

Did you know that riding Cheaper doesn’t have to mean going directly from A to B. Thanks to the Cheaper app's Via facility you can easily ride a Cheaper from A to D with a quick stop at B, pick up a pal at C and then head on to D.

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The ability to add any number of Via stops to any Cheaper ride is particularly handy when there’s a bunch of you travelling together.

Adding a Via on Cheaper Is Easy

To add a Via in Cheaper just enter the start and end points of your journey as normal on the home screen and then tap Next.

Once onto the Booking screen you'll see the option to Add via (see below). Tap this and enter the details of your Via stop. You can then tap OK to continue with the Cheaper booking or tap the + sign to add another Via.

If you've added a Via and want to change or remove it, just tap on Vias on the Booking screen. Then in the pop-up box with the list of Vias, tap the one you wish to change and you'll get the option to edit or delete (see below).

See The Price Before You Book

As with any Cheaper journey, once all your Vias are added you’ll be shown the full fixed fare before confirming the booking (see the example above), so there'll be no nasty surprises at the end of the road.

(If you’ve already booked a ride but want to change it and add a Via you missed or remove one you included by mistake, just cancel your booking and re-book with the correct details. If you’ve selected to pay by card you’ll be automatically refunded for the cancelled job.)

Getting from A to B or C or D has never been easier, or for that matter, Cheaper.

Download Cheaper for iPhone here or for Android here.

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