How To Use Discounts With Your Cheaper App

Applying and using discount voucher codes in the Cheaper app is easy.


You can even add discount voucher codes now, save them to your account, and then redeem them against journeys you take later on.

Let us show you how it works.

How To Save Discounts in Your Account

You can enter a discount code at the point of booking a ride (scroll down or tap here to see how) or save them in your account for future use (see below).

1. Open the Cheaper app and click on the menu in the top-left corner of the screen.


2. Now tap on Settings.

menu revealed.jpg

3. Now tap on Payment type.


4. Now tap on Voucher.


5. Type in your code, click + and your discount will appear in the list, ready to be used on future bookings.

How To Redeem Discounts At The Point of Booking

Here's how to redeem a discount code at the point of booking a ride.

1. Once you've entered your pickup and drop-off locations and tapped Next you'll see the Booking Details screen as below.

Tap on Use voucher.


2. To add a new discount code, type it into the box at the top and click the + sign. Your discount will now appear in the list of vouchers. Simply tap to select and it will be applied to your booking.

If you had previously saved discount codes to your account they will show in the list on this page, and again, just tap the discount you want to use.